Great News!

Great News!

How I feel right now. This week I have 4 interviews scheduled. I am definitely heading in the right direction. I will definitely let you guys know more later.


New Year. Update

It has been 3 months since I have been back from my 5 Month Europe trip. I am currently living at my moms house. I have not been doing anything special, just being a home body!! This break of doing nothing has really caught up to me, so I finally attempted to put my procrastination aside to finish my cover letter and polish up my resume. After 3 months, I decided to get serious and started applying to jobs. I have applied to a bunch of veterinary technician and assistant positions. So… fingers crossed. I hope I get a job in a clinic. It would be very helpful to gain experience in the veterinary medicine field while getting paid. I definitely need clinical hours to add to my application for vet school. Wish me luck. I really need it. :/

Becoming an Equine Vet is my goal!

I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. This post is just to let everyone know, I am still working on becoming an Equine Vet. I have just recently got back from my 5 month excursion in Europe. So right now, I am looking for a temporary job to have money in my pocket as I figure out the school situation. I am not in a rush to get my doctorate. Who knows when I will be done with school. All I know is that I will get there someday. I will not quit. 🙂


Anxiety, gets the best of me. I just saw a post about anxiety on Facebook, and it reminded me that I got through a lot. And I should not allow my past of anxiety attacks define my future. Anxiety is not who you are. Remember that. It will pass but you must embrace it. You are not alone. #randompost

Backpacking in Europe!

Here is the answer to … What I am doing in Paris, France? Well I am backpacking around Europe with the best travel buddy, my Bestfriend Brandi. The whole purpose of this trip is to figure out my future. As a recent graduate, what better way to start off this whole new chapter of my life than to travel. So here I am in France. I am hoping this trip will put a lot into perspective and to help me get through adversities. 

Back at it again!

Hello, I am going to try this blogging thing again. I hope to start posting at least once a week. 

As of right now, I am sitting on the floor in a quiet room of my uncles home in Paris, France. I just finished my very first session of yoga and meditation. Yay! I hope to make it a daily habit. I definitely need it. I have been dealing with anxiety since highschool due to my overwhelmingly addictive overthinking habit. I have been allowing overthinking or just thinking in general to take over my life and it has not been making my life any better. It’s really controlling my life which isn’t healthy at all. So it’s time to put an end to allowing my thoughts to control my every move. I really hope yoga, meditation, and reading can lead me to a place I have been trying to reach in life. Bring on the journey. I know it won’t be an easy one but I do believe it will be extremely rewarding. (Don’t worry I will explain what I am doing in France and talk more about my anxiety in later posts) 


After Reading my Past Posts!

After reading my posts on my blog. I wanted to let you guys know how things are doing right now. So last summer 2014, when I re-took calculus for the fourth time, I received an A. Yay for me. As of right now my GPA is at a 2.914. My lowest GPA was a 2.3. I have come up a lot. My goal before I graduate is to get my GPA between a 3.0 – 3.5. So wish me luck. I need to keep my priorities straight.