Writing, eeeek …

Hello bloggers,

So tonight I was revising my paper for my English class and I thought I might share with you guys, my hatred towards English and writing. I absolutely hate writing.  It’s my worse enemy, since forever. I’ve always had horrible grades in English during my grade school years, so I always thought my writing is horrible. The grades and my past mean English teachers are the reasons why I see English as my enemy. But I realized writing is the way I express my emotions. Which is why I decided to start a blog, where I express my thoughts and emotions. So I hope my writing isn’t horrible to read.

P.S. This years English class taught me that there is no such thing as good writing. How can there be one way of good writing when we all have our own unique way of expressing our ideas?


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

My first post is a quote. I really like this quote, I had it saved in my stickies on my computer. I thought I might share it. As much as I have failed, I must keep my head held high and keep on trucking. That is how I have been, I just keep getting reminded how much I have failed so far from my advisors and professors. This morning after my 9 o’clock class I went to go meet up with one of my professors, who is in charge of declaring Animal and Vet Science concentrations. It seems as if he does not have any hope for the students who have lower than a 3.0 gpa. He like immediately shuts them down and says they won’t make it to vet school. I will not let him try to talk me out of this major. We should not let any of our advisors make us second guess our abilities. I still feel confident that I can succeed. I will succeed. No loss in enthusiasm at all.