The week of bullshit!!!! Ugh I have not posted anything in so long. I have been busy being at home at the library, for the past couple months. Ugh there goes another excuse from me. I always have an excuse for myself, this needs to stop. Excuse after excuse. Everything is possible if we have the proper motivation and commitment, so we shall not have excuses. Well enough of that rambling. The reason why I am really writing this post is because I realized for my online calculus class, I had assignments to do that were 60% of my grade. And guess, what I did not do them. Ha FML!!! This is not my first time taking calculus, this is my third time taking it. Now I have to take it again. Yup, I said it I will be taking calculus again for the fourth time. I did not fail this class because I did not understand it. I am failing it because I am making stupid mistakes and not putting in the work that is needed to pass the class. Don’t ever do this to yourself, it really hurts to go through this. But I am just gonna try to strive harder.


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